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by: Wes McKinney
publisher: O'Reilly Media, published: 2012-11-01
ASIN: 1449319793
EAN: 9781449319793
sales rank: 6604

Python for Data Analysis is concerned with the nuts and bolts of manipulating, processing, cleaning, and crunching data in Python. It is also a practical, modern introduction to scientific computing in Python, tailored for data-intensive applications. This is a book about the parts of the Python language and libraries you’ll need to effectively solve a broad set of data analysis problems. This book is not an exposition on analytical methods using Python as the implementation language.

Written by Wes McKinney, the main author of the pandas library, this hands-on book is packed with practical cases studies. It’s ideal for analysts new to Python and for Python programmers new to scientific computing.

  • Use the IPython interactive shell as your primary development environment
  • Learn basic and advanced NumPy (Numerical Python) features
  • Get started with data analysis tools in the pandas library
  • Use high-performance tools to load, clean, transform, merge, and reshape data
  • Create scatter plots and static or interactive visualizations with matplotlib
  • Apply the pandas groupby facility to slice, dice, and summarize datasets
  • Measure data by points in time, whether it’s specific instances, fixed periods, or intervals
  • Learn how to solve problems in web analytics, social sciences, finance, and economics, through detailed examples

by: Milton Hildebrand
publisher: Wiley, published: 1998-03-13
ASIN: 0471295051
EAN: 9780471295051
sales rank: 188141
Functional approach to morphology--treatment is unique as to organization, thoroughness, and extent of biomechanical analysis.
* Profusely illustrated with high quality original artwork.
* Comment boxes evaluate points of controversy and note inadequately understood phenomena.

by: Ethan D. Bloch
publisher: Springer, published: 2011-05-19
ASIN: 0387721762
EAN: 9780387721767
sales rank: 896603

This text is a rigorous, detailed introduction to real analysis that presents the fundamentals with clear exposition and carefully written definitions, theorems, and proofs. It is organized in a distinctive, flexible way that would make it equally appropriate to undergraduate mathematics majors who want to continue in mathematics, and to future mathematics teachers who want to understand the theory behind calculus. 

The Real Numbers and Real Analysis will serve as an excellent one-semester text for undergraduates majoring in mathematics, and for students in mathematics education who want a thorough understanding of the theory behind the real number system and calculus.

publisher: Humana Press, published: 2009-05-28
ASIN: 1588299104
EAN: 9781588299109
sales rank: 3070973

The storage, processing, description, transmission, connection, and analysis of the waves of new genomic data have made bioinformatics skills essential for scientists working with DNA sequences. In Bioinformatics for DNA Sequence Analysis, experts in the field provide practical guidance and troubleshooting advice for the computational analysis of DNA sequences, covering a range of issues and methods that unveil the multitude of applications and the vital relevance that the use of bioinformatics has today. Individual book chapters explore the use of specific bioinformatic tools, accompanied by practical examples, a discussion on the interpretation of results, and specific comments on strengths and limitations of the methods and tools. As a part of the highly successful Methods in Molecular Biology™ series, this work provides the kind of detailed description and implementation advice that is crucial for getting optimal results.

Focused and cutting-edge, Bioinformatics for DNA Sequence Analysis serves molecular biologists, geneticists, and biochemists as an enriched task-oriented manual, offering step-by-step guidance for the analysis of DNA sequences in a simple but meaningful fashion.

by: Andreas Gogol-Döring
publisher: CRC Press, published: 2009-11-11
ASIN: 142007623X
EAN: 9781420076233
sales rank: 3461769

An Easy-to-Use Research Tool for Algorithm Testing and Development

Before the SeqAn project, there was clearly a lack of available implementations in sequence analysis, even for standard tasks. Implementations of needed algorithmic components were either unavailable or hard to access in third-party monolithic software products. Addressing these concerns, the developers of SeqAn created a comprehensive, easy-to-use, open source C++ library of efficient algorithms and data structures for the analysis of biological sequences. Written by the founders of this project, Biological Sequence Analysis Using the SeqAn C++ Library covers the SeqAn library, its documentation, and the supporting infrastructure.

The first part of the book describes the general library design. It introduces biological sequence analysis problems, discusses the benefit of using software libraries, summarizes the design principles and goals of SeqAn, details the main programming techniques used in SeqAn, and demonstrates the application of these techniques in various examples. Focusing on the components provided by SeqAn, the second part explores basic functionality, sequence data structures, alignments, pattern and motif searching, string indices, and graphs. The last part illustrates applications of SeqAn to genome alignment, consensus sequence in assembly projects, suffix array construction, and more.

This handy book describes a user-friendly library of efficient data types and algorithms for sequence analysis in computational biology. SeqAn enables not only the implementation of new algorithms, but also the sound analysis and comparison of existing algorithms.

Visit SeqAn for more information.

by: Rinaldo B. Schinazi
publisher: Birkhäuser, published: 2011-09-25
ASIN: 0817682880
EAN: 9780817682880
sales rank: 602156

This comprehensive textbook is intended for a two-semester sequence in analysis. The first four chapters present a practical introduction to analysis by using the tools and concepts of calculus. The last five chapters present a first course in analysis. The presentation is clear and concise, allowing students to master the calculus tools that are crucial in understanding analysis.

From Calculus to Analysis prepares readers for their first analysis course—important because many undergraduate programs traditionally require such a course. Undergraduates and some advanced high-school seniors will find this text a useful and pleasant experience in the classroom or as a self-study guide. The only prerequisite is a standard calculus course.

by: Asuman G. Aksoy
publisher: Springer, published: 2009-12-17
ASIN: 1441912959
EAN: 9781441912954
sales rank: 739951
Education is an admirable thing, but it is well to remember from time to time that nothing worth knowing can be taught. Oscar Wilde, “The Critic as Artist,” 1890. Analysis is a profound subject; it is neither easy to understand nor summarize. However, Real Analysis can be discovered by solving problems. This book aims to give independent students the opportunity to discover Real Analysis by themselves through problem solving. ThedepthandcomplexityofthetheoryofAnalysiscanbeappreciatedbytakingaglimpseatits developmental history. Although Analysis was conceived in the 17th century during the Scienti?c Revolution, it has taken nearly two hundred years to establish its theoretical basis. Kepler, Galileo, Descartes, Fermat, Newton and Leibniz were among those who contributed to its genesis. Deep conceptual changes in Analysis were brought about in the 19th century by Cauchy and Weierstrass. Furthermore, modern concepts such as open and closed sets were introduced in the 1900s. Today nearly every undergraduate mathematics program requires at least one semester of Real Analysis. Often, students consider this course to be the most challenging or even intimidating of all their mathematics major requirements. The primary goal of this book is to alleviate those concerns by systematically solving the problems related to the core concepts of most analysis courses. In doing so, we hope that learning analysis becomes less taxing and thereby more satisfying.

by: Matthew B. Miles
publisher: SAGE Publications, Inc, published: 2013-04-18
ASIN: 1452257876
EAN: 9781452257877
sales rank: 11600
The Third Edition of Miles & Huberman's classic research methods text is updated and streamlined by Johnny Saldaña, author of The Coding Manual for Qualitative Researchers. Several of the data display strategies from previous editions are now presented in re-envisioned and reorganized formats to enhance reader accessibility and comprehension. The Third Edition’s presentation of the fundamentals of research design and data management is followed by five distinct methods of analysis: exploring, describing, ordering, explaining, and predicting. Miles and Huberman's original research studies are profiled and accompanied with new examples from Saldaña's recent qualitative work. The book's most celebrated chapter, "Drawing and Verifying Conclusions," is retained and revised, and the chapter on report writing has been greatly expanded, and is now called “Writing About Qualitative Research.” Comprehensive and authoritative, Qualitative Data Analysis has been elegantly revised for a new generation of qualitative researchers.

by: Ramyachitra Duraisamy
publisher: LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing, published: 2014-05-12
ASIN: 365954129X
EAN: 9783659541292
“Data Mining Techniques for Protein Sequence Analysis” describes habitually about various techniques in data mining which are here united in one edifying textbook. These topics recline at the heart of many areas of data mining, machine learning and bioinformatics. This textbook introduces the assessment of the protein sequence in all aspects. A toolbox of inference techniques includes experimentally tested for classification and clustering algorithms. The result is a textbook on information regarding about the protein sequences, and data mining algorithms for a new generation of students, and a consummate entry point into these subjects for professionals in areas related to bioinformatics and data mining.

by: Lori Andrews
publisher: Minotaur Books, published: 2006-06-13
ASIN: 0312352700
EAN: 9780312352707
sales rank: 772332
Dr. Alexandra Blake has the job of a lifetime. As a cutting-edge geneticist at AFIP---the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology in Washington, D.C.---Alex is charged with using her research into the genetics of viruses to find a vaccine against bioterrorism. The AFIP contains the pathology lab for the Department of Defense, manages the DOD blood bank, directs research like Alex's, and fosters the development of inventions to help the nation's armed forces. But the institute's new director, James Wiatt, wants to turn the AFIP into a mini FBI by directing its resources toward crime solving---an effort to rival the Bureau's forensic department. When a series of related murders falls under his jurisdiction, he gets his chance to prove the AFIP can compete with the Bureau.
Alex is forced to put her research on hold so she can cover forensics on the case, which involves a killer who murders women near military bases across the country and then tattoos their corpses. At first she resents being distracted from her lab work, but as she becomes immersed in the case, studying the forensic evidence, viewing the crime scenes, and piecing together the victims' last moments, Alex resolves to catch the killer. She knows it's only a matter of time before he leaves some evidence for Alex to trace back to him. But when another murder strikes closer to home for Alex and her colleagues---and her boyfriend, a congressman from Texas---it will take more than forensic science to keep them safe.
With its spellbinding mix of suspense, forensics, and romance, Lori Andrews's debut novel signals the arrival of a powerful new writer on the crime fiction shelf.
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